About us

Invincible Me is focused on primary schools because research shows that early intervention works.

We believe that by changing the way young children view mental health and are able to talk about it and build resilience, the better they will be able to deal with problems later in life.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help schools focus on making mental health as much a priority as academic success; to ensure positive steps are taken to nurture our children and empower those who educate and inspire them to demonstrate and promote positive mental health and well being.

“Schools can be confident that a focus on well-being and mental health for pupils and staff… directly supports their more immediate mission: the promotion of effective learning.”

Katherine Weare, Professor of Education (2015)

Who We Are


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Awards and Recognition

Invincible Me became a registered charity in April 2017. In addition to early stage funding from the Varkey Foundation, Invincible Me has also received recognition and support from various organisations and schools who believe in our mission.’