Invincible Me is a mental health charity working with primary schools in the UK, focusing on early intervention and building resilience in all young children, leading to healthier attitudes later in life. Critically, Invincible Me also supports educators to ensure their own mental health and wellbeing is a priority.


“There are things that schools can do – including for all their pupils, for those showing early signs of problems and for families exposed to several risk factors – to intervene early and strengthen resilience, before serious mental health problems occur.”
[Department for Education report: Mental health and behaviour in school; Departmental advice for school staff, March 2015]


Invincible Me transforms the way primary schools address mental health and wellbeing, by providing teachers, staff and school leaders with the knowledge and confidence to support the children in their care, thereby creating an optimal environment for learning and growing. To do this, Invincible Me:

  • facilitates a whole school approach to mental health
  • emphasises the wellbeing of teachers and school staff as a core focus
  • makes early identification and intervention a priority
  • provides a research-based framework to evaluate current conditions and measure impact

Invincible Me offers schools a research-informed, sustainable approach to mental health and wellbeing for the whole school community. We do not deliver ‘mental health first aid’ or put trained therapists into schools to focus on the targeted needs of selected children; rather, Invincible Me’s programme enables schools to address the universal needs of all their pupils and, crucially, focuses on the secondary impact on staff. The success of our programme requires explicit commitment from school leaders to build sustainability and a culture of support.

Please read about our pilot in collaboration with the UCL Institute of Education on our Pilot page.