Amy Shocker, Founder and Executive Director

asAmy has more than 20 years’ experience managing Education programmes and initiatives, for groups ranging from government agencies and non-profit organisations to universities and FTSE companies.

Amy has international management and operations experience across eight countries on five continents. She began her career working in international education, managing study abroad programmes for American university students in France, Italy and the UK. In 2004, upon moving to the UK, she worked with a coaching organisation who explored how one’s psychological state impacts both behaviour and success in all areas of life. She then moved into education consulting, helping primary and secondary schools across the UK to improve both operationally and strategically, articulating their visions for success and creating concrete plans to achieve those goals.

In 2007, Amy began consulting to the Department for Education, managing projects under the Labour government’s Extended Schools Agenda in areas of extreme deprivation, youth crime and gang violence. The project was recognised by the Minister of State for its success, albeit over a short timeframe.

Amy is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and has her Ed.M in Education from Harvard University and her BA in French and Italian from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She has been living in the UK since 2004 with her British husband and 8-year- old son. “One of the most meaningful experiences for me in my career in Education was working with schools in areas of high risk of violence, gang affiliation and low attainment. I was struck by how life’s circumstances can affect a child’s opportunities to learn, love, and contribute productively to society.

“My inspiration to start Invincible Me was motivated by the belief that all children deserve a quality education, and that they also need to be in a positive psychological state to benefit from the teaching and learning in schools. Teaching is one the most important professions in our society, and those who undertake this huge responsibility need to be given the proper training and support to educate the children in their care both intellectually and emotionally.”