Invincible Me is thrilled to announce a joint collaboration with the Centre for Inclusive Education at University College London’s Institute of Education (IOE), to work with twelve schools in a pilot to run from September 2017 through June 2018.

Supporting Wellbeing, Emotional Resilience and Learning (SWERL)
Invincible Me and UCL Institute of Education joint pilot programme

Disruptive or withdrawn behaviour may be a communication about a pupil’s state of mind, but how should teachers and schools respond? The SWERL programme:

  • is a facilitated knowledge exchange, school development programme supporting a whole school focus on social, emotional and mental health needs;
  • uses a framework is structured around six domains, using a bio-psycho-social model of Mental Health;
  • invites the senior leadership team and school colleagues to consider core aspects of a whole school approach to wellbeing, including strategies for supporting and equipping teachers, identifying and meeting individual pupil needs, and considering school environments and routines to achieve a more supportive mental health space for all.

Invincible Me has funded the participation of 12 primary schools across the UK who have demonstrated a commitment to mental health and wellbeing for all pupils and staff.